Thrive Your Solo Business With The Power of Being a Female Introvert.

Female introverts have inner superpower to grow a profitable, sustainable heart centered solo business. I can help you figure it out and use it to build your dream one right now, right here.

My Secret to Unlock Your Superpower


Self Awareness

Understand yourself is the most important things you need to do above anything else.



Sharpen your mindset to navigate your action in order to fulfill your dream.



Spread out your big ideas through a clear, simple and effective writing.


Heart Centered Brand

Start building your heart centered brand to attract audience.


Solo Business

Building your solo business based on what you interests, what you are good at and what your audience needs.



Learn useful tactics to do less, avoid burnout and achieve more.

Grow Your Business with My Affordable Tools & Resources

About Me

I’m Quinnie Do.
I Help Female Introverts Build Their Heart Centered Solo Business.

I am a female introvert living in northern Vietnam – a Southeast Asia country. Three years ago, I quit my job at a foreign logistics company to take care of my children. During this time, I learned about blogging, then started The Introvert Writer. After launching the blog for nine months, I achieved my past full-time income. A year later, I became a co-author in Blog Writing – Sống với nghề viết blog – a book released by a well-known Vietnamese publisher.

In the beginning, they said it was difficult for an introvert like me to start my own business. It wasn’t. Being an introvert turns out to be my superpower to grow a sustainable, heart centered solo business. And I am here to share things I learned in my journey with you.


Don't Take My Words. Let's See What Clients Say.

At 35, when I assumed it is too late to start a blog or writing in general, Ms. Quinnie came to my life at the right time. She is very helpful, professional, creative and prompt. She knows how to “push” me towards work in a very pleasant way, and makes me think that I’m powerful to do anything with just who I am. I’m thankful for her help and hopefully we will cooperate for a long long time.

fini nguyen

Ms. Quinnie's coaching service was a total treat! Her knowledgeable direction and assistance made the entire process enjoyable and enriching. She provided clear directions, assisted with technological concerns, and made everything simple. Her understanding and encouragement gave me the confidence to share my writing. I strongly recommend to anyone wishing to improve their blogging journey.

trang nguyen

As an introverted freelancer, I found myself in Quinnie’s posts. She gave me a multi-dimensional view about solo business and helped walk me through step-by-step and have been there to answer every question I have in a timely manner. If I know I need advice, all I have to do is return to this space and ask Quinnie. Thank you so much for being a part of my life!

tam le

I can't thank Quinnie enough for what you've done for me. She not only shares her knowledge but also gives me valuable advices on my solo business journey. Thanks to her, I can establish my daily writing habits, develop my blogging skill, and show up on social media. If it was not her, I couldn't believe I can do such amazing things like this as an introvert.

ngan nguyen