Quit my job to take care of my children

I was born in a northern city in Vietnam and grew up as an ordinary person. I meant I went to university at 18, got a job at 22, got married at 25, had my first child at 27, bought a car at 29, and had an apartment at 31. No breakthroughs. Nothing special. I was not satisfied with it. But it was not too bad for me to break the norm and escape from it until 2019.

In May 2019, I had my second child. At that time, I was working at a foreign logistics company for about 12 hours a day. It was challenging for my husband and me raising our kids while working full time without help. Traveling back and forth, getting tired of it, being angry most of the time, I couldn’t handle it enough. 

For the first time, I thought considerably about my family’s future. I know deep down that I wanted a different life. A life in which I have enough time for my own and my family, doing what I love, and with whom I care about. Then, I decided to quit my job to start a freelance business in Mar 2021.

Start the Solopreneur journey as an introvert

I started The Introvert Writer as my personal site for personal development. It was the first time I did something meaningful after many years of living without purpose. I enjoyed my free time learning, writing, and connecting with others. I burst into tears when getting my first income from a Vietnamese magazine. 

One thing you need to know about me is I am a big introvert. I don’t like crowded places. I am not good at building relationships or showing up (both online and offline). I don’t enjoy talking much about myself and to strangers. Everyone told me that I was antisocial. These facts were somehow a greatest obstacle I must overcome to build a solo business. 

But I still have faith. I know I can do it. So I start slowly and carefully. I did write every day. I shared my ideas in some small groups I felt comfortable with. Instead of joining big gatherings or events, I run a free consulting service to connect 1:1 with readers. 

The results were mind-blowing. It helps me not only build trust but also know how to grow my business. Listening to them, I understood their pain points. Thanks to that, I can develop my content strategy. 

Eventually, a hundred thousand people read my blog posts. Some of them said it touched their hearts in a special way. They then became my clients. Having some experience, I was confident enough to launch my first paid service. It is a complete personal blog setup service. My income increased. 

After nine months of working with clients, I introduced my blog coaching program. It changed my life forever. I knew for sure that it is possible for everyone, especially introverts, to build a solo business making six, seven, or eight figures a year.

Introversion can be your superpower

A majority of my customers are introverts. They have a desire to learn and develop themselves. But they can not reach their full potential because of some internal barriers. My mission is to help them find their superpower and turn it into their strength to do whatever they want. 

Being an introvert is not something bad or something you need to change. Introverts have the power to change their life if they know how to use it properly. I used to be an introvert who obeyed my parents, was afraid of making big moves and had no confidence in myself. 

But the more I work on myself, the more comfortable I am. Now, I have courage to be myself and do what I love without anyone’s acceptance. Introversion is my unique strength to do things differently on my own introverted terms.

After two years, I knew introversion and solo-business are a perfect match together. And I am documenting this journey right here, right now. If you are an introvert and want to escape the rat race to do something you love and live the life you want, I am happy to help you make your dream a reality.

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